Mail Merge Help

First save the file to disk.
Click the "Download in Excel" button from previous page and choose the "Save to disk" option and click okay. You will then get a new pop up window that will prompt you to choose a file name. Make sure the file name you selcet is followed by ".xls". This will tell your computer that the file can be opened with Excel.

Create a mail merge
Next, open Microsoft Word and click on Tools->Mail Merge.

Word will now open a wizard which will walk you through the steps to produce a mail merge document.

  1. Create a main document

  2. Select 'Mailing Labels'. You will have to pick the type of mailing labels that you want to print. We suggest creating this document as a 'New Document'.

Getting the data
The next step is to get the data from the Excel worksheet. Click on 'Open Data Source'.

Select the location of the Excel spreadsheet that was downloaded from the web site.

Now, insert the fields from the Excel spreadsheet.

When you are finished inserting the fields, you should have something looks similar to our example below.

You may have to make the font size smaller (10 pt) to make everything fit on one page.