1. All policies must be coded whether or not the line and class is eligible for export.
  2. Classify the policy by the coverage, i.e. ACCIDENT & HEALTH, AUTO LIABILITY, PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY, etc.
  3. After you have located the coverage check to see if the type of business (i.e.,Ambulance, Day Care) is listed under the class of business.
  4. If you are unable to locate the specific type of business, you must use 103 DILIGENT SEARCH APPLIES.
  5. If you have questions or need assistance in classifying a policy, please call our office.

  • Personal and commercial vehicles licensed for road use that are not eligible in the admitted market must be placed in the Idaho Assigned Risk Program administered by The Western Association of Insurance Plans at (800) 227-4659. Refer to the eligible list for export for the coverages that can be written through the surplus lines market.