Help Screen


Menu Bar

The menu bar allows easy access to the various options allowed in the affidavit application.


To login to the online affidavit system, you will need to be authorized by SLA and given a username and password.

Enter your username and password in the appropriate locations on the login screen.


Once a person is logged in, they will see the affidavit menu.

An indication is given as to how many open affidavits of each type the user has.

New Affidavit Menu

The new affidavit menu presents the user with the options necessary to prepare a new or renewal affidavit

Endorsement Menu

The endorsement menu presents the user with the options necessary to prepare an endorsement subsequent to a policy previously submitted

Add/Remove Insurer

This screen allows you to add insurers to an affidavit.

To add an insurer

Click on the 'add insurer to affidavit' button.

To remove an insurer

Click on the 'edit insurer' button.

Broker Report

Put the parameters required for your broker report in this section. You should also choose the appropriate media output type for your report (screen or print).

An alert will come up. This report looks best in Landscape mode. Go ahead and set the page setup in your browser to print in Landscape Mode.

After clicking OK, the broker report will be produced.

As mentioned previously, be sure your browser is set to print in Landscape mode for best results.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In certain cases, your internet browser will fill in text boxes with default values automatically.

Please call SLA for an explanation in this case.