Minimum System Requirements

To use the online system, you must be able to run a web browser. Usually, the newer, more updated the browser is, the better.

You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.01 or higher), which can be found at: Alternatively, you can use this link to get IE 5.5 SP2 (right-click, 'save target as...') .

The minimum system requirements they list there are:

  • A 486 with a 66 megahertz (MHz) processor (Pentium processor recommended)
  • For Windows 95 or Windows 98: 16 MB of random access memory (RAM) minimum
  • For Windows NT 4.0: 32 MB of RAM minimum, and you must be running Service Pack 3 or later (If you have an earlier NT Service Pack installed on your computer, visit the Windows NT Downloads Web site to install the latest NT Service Pack before upgrading your Internet Explorer browser.)
  • For Windows 2000: 64 MB of RAM minimum
  • For Windows Me: 32 MB of RAM minimum
  • Mouse
  • Modem or Internet connection

These are the bare minimum requirements to get on the Internet. To be happy with the system, a faster system (Pentium 200 MHz) with more RAM (128 MB) usually works better.

You will also need to be able to scan documents.